Oak Ridge Supermarkets Coupon Policy

  1. Manufacturers’ coupons are doubled up to and including $1.00. Coupons over $1.00 are taken at face value. Limit 1 coupon per item.
  2. Manufacturers‘ coupons may not be used in conjunction with in-ad coupons.
  3. Manufacturers’ coupons may be only used for the product and size stated. Limit of four coupons for identical free items.
  4. When doubled, the coupon amount may not exceed the price of the items required by that coupon.
  5. Free and in-store coupons are taken at face value.
  6. Coupons that specifically state "do not double" are taken at face value.
  7. Internet coupons are accepted up to and including $1.00. They are never doubled. Internet "free item" coupons are excluded. Only four internet coupons may be used per transaction.
  8. Coupons for cigarettes, beverages containing alcohol, sale pop and sale coffee are not doubled.
  9. Only four of the same coupons, regardless of flavor or variety, will be doubled. Additional coupons for the same items will be taken at face value and not doubled.
  10. Multiple transactions using coupons for the same customer is not allowed.